5 KM Mass Run – Boys & Girls

Are you a boy or a girl between ages 9 and 15? Do you love to run and have fun? Then this race is for you. Runathon presents a special 5km race for boys and girls who want to show their skills in this dash to the finish line. Runathon Global Inc. cares about developing […]

10 KM Mass Run, Walk, Jog

Are you ready to have a blast and stay healthy at the same time? Runathon invites you to join its special 10km mass run for both men and women. This is not just a run, it’s a party on the move. You can walk, jog, dance, sing, or do whatever you like along the 10km […]

21.1 KM Semi-Marathon Race

Are you ready to run your best half marathon ever? Runathon is proud to present its 21.1km standard half marathon for men and women. This is a great opportunity to showcase your running skills and challenge yourself at half the ultimate distance. Whether you are a seasoned runner or a beginner, this race is for […]

42.2 KM Ultra-Marathon

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? The Big One is back with its 42.2km ultra-marathon for men, women and wheelchair athletes. This is not just a race, it’s a test of endurance, strength and spirit. Join us as we cheer on our amazing runners as they race through the streets and communities in an […]